Thursday, 26 February 2009

Govt is God

Just get on with it

Perhaps I slept too long or Australia has morphed into Alice's Wonderland, but please tell me why schools should erect plaques or roadside signs or arrange ceremonies to thank the Education Minister for rebuilding their schools.

Silly me, I thought that was what government was for, to use our taxes to provide services that we are all entitled to. Does this mean that if the Government bails out banks and other financial institutions and I use them, I need to donate a plaque of thanks?

What is happening to this country? It's our money. The Government is employed by us to spend money on programs that meet our needs. Why do we need to erect monuments to thank them?

Marion Harper, Reservoir
The Age, 26 Feb 09

I like to think that Ms Harper was thinking of Singapore too when she wrote her letter, and that the ST would publish it in the name of nation-building.

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  1. wow.finally someone said it. is it the beginning of a new era? :)