Wednesday, 1 April 2009


From the Straits Times Editorial, 1 April 2009 (is this an April Fool's joke?) --

The promotion that Singaporeans would be most delighted with is that of Mr Teo Chee Hean, now a Deputy Prime Minister in place of Professor S. Jayakumar, whom the PM has retained for his overview counsel in public law and security issues. Mr Teo's handling of the demanding education and defence portfolios is ability quantified. His military background comes in handy when state security looms large everywhere. But it is his quality of exuding confidence and making people feel reassured, the grace under pressure and his strength of character that mark him as an outstanding leader. Of the tasks he has said he will help the PM with, that of keeping the Government and the people in tune with each other in unsettling times is a job he is trained for. If there is an abrupt change in domestic circumstances, he could step up to the top job without causing undue governing stresses. All told, his move up to DPM is calculated to reassure Singaporeans that government is seamless, for want of a less hoary word.

With such fawning hagiography, it's no wonder mere mortals can become hoary gods.


  1. I looked in vain for the customary April fish article in ST yesterday. But it looks like you might have found it. ;)

    - mottledquailegg

  2. The fools are actually the people... Sad

  3. Let's see how Teo Chee Hean catches Mas Selamat, and then we'll be convinced of his state security expertise.

  4. The Teo Chee Hean fanboys are slowing coming out!